[LYRICS] Westlife – Tonight

Lately I’m so tired
If I took it all out on you
I never meant to
If I left you outside
If you ever felt I ignored you
Know my life is all you

So put your best dress on
And wrap yourself in the arms of someone
Who wants to give you all the love you want

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[LYRICS] Romanized: Big Bang (빅뱅) – Tonight

Tonight such a beautiful night
sing with me now 2011 follow me
Big bang big bang
we’re back again one more time say
no way no way
neomu swipge tto nami dwae
big bang big bang
don’t stop let’s play
ok ok go go go

na michil geot gatae
ama jichin geot gatae (wae)
anya jillin geot gatae
beolsseo ttabunhae sisihae
han yeojaroneun manjok
mot haneun bad boy but I’m nice
an neomeogagoneun mot baegilgeol
let me blow ya mind
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[LYRICS] Romanized: MBLAQ (엠블랙) – Tonight

Yeah… This is love
I think I love you baby..
Please come back to me
huimihage naui nun-e deul-eowa alyeonhage neoui moseub-i (seonmyeonghaejimyeon naemam-i tteollyeo)
neon … naege dol-awa Oh
apeun mam-eul ssis-eo beoligo sip-eo ileon mam-eul aneunji (gaseum-i apa neomuna apa)
nal gieoghaejwo .. neoleul salanghae