[LYRICS] Romanized: iKON – #WYD (오늘 모해)

oneul mohae oh oh
naeil mohae bogo sipeo
neoreul wonhae ooh bogo sipeo
Cuz I’m lonely lonely yeah

eodiya bappa mundeuk ne saenggagi nasseo
moksori deutgo sipeoseo
geunyang hanbeon jeonhwahaebwasseo
neoneun namjaui maeumeul ara
nareul deureotda nwatda hajanha
neoreul hyanghan naui mamui muneun
jadongmuninikka geunyang deureoomyeon dwae
milgo danggiji mara

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[LYRICS] Romanized: Star (별) feat. Kwon Jung Yeol (권정열) of 10cm – So Cute (귀여워)

I know you boy nareul bogoinneun ni nunbit jom neomu tteugeowo
I love you so much kkok ireoke malhalgeotgata o sarangseureowo

Cause i need u neottaeme michilgeotgatae
So i love you neohanaman

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[LYRICS] Romanized: MOBB – Full House (붐벼)

bum-byeo girl bul-jil-leo o-neul bam
Let’s rock girl
Let’s rock girl
bum-byeo girl bul-jil-leo o-neul bam
Let’s rock girl
Let’s rock girl

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[LYRICS] Romanized: BOBBY – Holup (꽐라)

geunyang seoisseodo ganjiga peolpeol
geu wiabgameun monseuteo teureok neonen bonggo
mudae wireul conquered
naradanyeo bomber
na apjilleoga beongae
y’all can’t even be thunder
shimeonwatji beombeok
harutgaeye jeongseo
saegangyeongdeul kkyeotdeon geotteure
ppittureojin koppyeo
maen wieseo turn up
nabakke mothae pokgyeong
nal ttara haryeoda
neonen da ttong muchigo eongeong
Welcome to my palace
ttan nomdeul haji jearous
isanghan gose deryeoga julge
y’all be my alice
i biteuneun alcohol
naneun raeb seongnyong
mudae wiye kkwalla
neukkindamyeon follow

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[LYRICS] Romanized: MOBB feat Kush- Hit Me (빨리 전화해)

ppalli jeonhwahae ppalli jeonhwahae
neo aneun aehante
modu da ppalli jeonhwahae
ppallippalli jeonhwahae
ppalli jeonhwahae ppalli jeonhwahae
neo aneun ae na aneun aihante
ppallippalli jeonhwahae

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[LYRICS] Jason Derulo – It Girl

I’ve been looking under rocks and breaking locks
Just tryna find ya
I’ve been like a maniac insomniac,
Five steps behind ya
Tell them other girls, they can hit the exit
Check please…
Cause I finally found the girl of my dreams
Much more than a Grammy award,
That’s how much you mean to me

You could be my it girl
Baby you’re the shit girl
Lovin’ you could be a crime
Crazy how we fit girl,
This is it girl
Give me 25 to life
I just wanna rock all night long,
And put you in the middle of my spotlight
You could be my it girl
You’re my biggest hit girl
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[LYRICS] Jason Derulo – Marry Me

A hundred and five is the number that comes to my head
When I think of all the years I wanna be with you
Wake up every morning with you in my bed
That’s precisely what I plan to do

And you know one of these days when I get my money right
Buy you everything and show you all the finer things in life
We’ll forever be in love, so there ain’t no need to rush
But one day I won’t be able to ask you loud enough
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