[LYRICS] Westlife – What Makes a Man

This isn’t goodbye, even as I watch you leave, this isn’t goodbye
I swear I won’t cry, even as tears fill my eyes, I swear I won’t cry

Any other girl, I’d let you walk away
Any other girl, I’m sure I’d be ok

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[LYRICS] Westlife – Close

Across the miles
It’s funny to me
How far you are
But how near you seem to be

I could talk all night
Just to hear you breathe
I could spend my life
Just living this dream

You’re all I’ll ever need

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[LYRICS] Westlife – Tonight

Lately I’m so tired
If I took it all out on you
I never meant to
If I left you outside
If you ever felt I ignored you
Know my life is all you

So put your best dress on
And wrap yourself in the arms of someone
Who wants to give you all the love you want

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