[LYRICS] Romanized: Jay Park feat. Simon D & Gray – Metronome

Nan michigesseo seoro matdago keun sorichyeo
Hajiman museun malhaneunji seoro deutjido anha
Nega chagaul ttae nan tteugeowo
Geunde han myeongi tto tteonamyeon gaji mallago seoro jaba
Han sunganeun seoro jukdorok miwoseo maldo an haji
Hajiman kiseu han beon hamyeon pulligo dasi saranghaji

Baby it’s so crazy crazy
From break up to make up
Iraetdaga jeoraetdaga like a rollercoaster
Up and down naega wonhaneun geon anjeonggam Continue reading

[LYRICS] Jay Park – Tae Kwon Do


Yeah MuhFucka man i’m with my Team
flyest muhfucka’s outchyea
seattle to seoul we been livin your dream
so high in the sky only clouds here
crowds here tryna get a glimpse
girls lining up man i’m feeling like a pimp
no glass in our hands man we aint taking shots
bottles in the hands of everyone that i’m with
so tilt yo head back cause right now i’m gonna po’
i swear i’m makin money but right now i’m gonna po’
and no i’m not playing work hard play hard yeah thats the damn saying
go hard or go home yeah thats the campaign fuck a molly
i’ll go ham with just this champagne yolo
i ain’t talkin bout no flowers but i rose to the top
spin it backwards now i’m back and i’m pissin in yo pot
rock n roll with yo girl she can roll on my rock
Jay Park is in this bitch and i aint neva gon stop Continue reading