[LYRICS] Romanized: Skrillex feat. Diplo, GD, CL – Dirty Vibe

Yae ireumeun yongiji (His name is Dragon)
Hwanamyeon buri na (He’ll set up a fire when he gets pissed)
Wenmanhamyeon(If you got no other name) call me G
I got the dirty vibe
You ain’t certified
You got the funny vibe
Naega sesangeul heundeulmyeon neon (If I try to rock this world)
Meolmi na (you’ll get seasick)
Geurae deoreopge (Yeah, we do it dirty)
We gon’ celebrate
Every fuckin day
Nareul ttarahae (They try to copy me)
Geurae deoreopge (Yeah, they do it dirty)
Geurae deoreopge (Do it dirty)
Deo deoreopge (even dirtier)
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